Interested in working with me? Here’s some ways we can make that happen:

  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Event
  • Travel
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Any other ideas? I’d love to hear them.

About She Seams Sew Crafty- I am a mom of three ages 10, 3 and 1. I live in New Smyrna Beach, FL with my husband and children. We are an active, adventurous family, we cloth diaper, babywear, home-school, live very close proximity to the beach, go organic when able, my husband and I  are fitness oriented, and we do a lot of DIY and crafting as well. If you feel you have a product you’d like me or my family to review for you or your product fits with our style, shoot me an email. I’d be glad to chat with you more and see if your product would work with us, and us for you.

My reader demographic is mainly women and mothers who are geared to a more natural holistic life style I also reach readers who enjoy DIY’ing and crafting regularly. Please keep this in mind when taking me into consideration to review any of your products.

All my reviews are my own honest opinions, if I feel that your product is something I’d likely not use again in the future I’d send you an email prior to my making a post. If your product doesn’t end up working out for me and my family, I will gladly ship the product back to you at your cost.  All my reviews will be set up two weeks after I receive the products to review, that gives me ample time to test the product accurately and give my honest written impression of the product I have received.

Paid Advertisement is a great way to reach my readers, when they visit they will see your ad along my side bar. I can also combine a paid advertisement with a giveaway and or product review, please message me for details and we can work something out. This package pricing starts at $100.00 (including price of product not including shipping, and includes 3 months of advertisement on my sidebar.)

If you are interested in having myself host a giveaway for you, I’d be glad, my readers love giveaways and in return I’d like a sample of your product prior to giveaway so my readers are not disappointed in a product I am put my name too. This will also include a review written personally by me during the launch of the giveaway. I do not offer shipping during giveaways, that is for you to decide if you’d like the winner to pay for the product to get to them or you’d like to offer shipping free of charge.

I’d love to attend an event, or give you feed back on a travel destination at your cost . I take a lot of time in writing my reviews. I do my own research and just because a product is ‘free’ doesn’t mean I do not do my work in return I take pride in each one of my written reviews.

I’d love to offer you a spot on my side bar of my blog. Paid advertisement is a great way to reach my readers, when they visit they will see your ad along my side bar. This is a good way to reach consumers, and expand your customer base to viewers you might have reached otherwise.

125 x 125 ad: These ads appear on my sidebar with direct links to your site or company page.

Rates: Month-to-month: $20 Three month subscription: $50

I also run a local events page, this is offered free to local business or events. If you have an event you’d like me to add please feel free to  message me an email and I will have it up within 48 hours, I update local events every Monday morning otherwise.

Interested in writing a host post? If you are a blogger who has an interest in writing a post for my blog, shoot me an email, I love networking with fellow bloggers, this is offered free as well.

Id love to chat more about being a brand ambassador for your product. I have an open mind so try me. email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you.


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