Mighty M starts middle school this coming school year, she has always been in an elementary school with the other kids, learning what everyone else learns, which has been fine and has worked for us. Since the move Might M has been finishing the school year out an hour away from our home with my parents, and has been having issues since the day she started school in kindergarten. The school she is in, is the same school my mom went to as a kid, and the same school I went to too many years ago as well. Mighty M is the 3rd generation of our family that has attended the same school. If you know about me, I’m all about tradition & routine. I enjoy the kids being on the same schedule. My brain works better this way. I like the fact, that she even has the same teacher I did for 2nd grade, so we decided before we moved to let her finish her 5th grade year out with her “friends” and my parents at the same school.

I use that term “friends” lightly, because like I said the day she started kindergarten she’s been picked on, she is taller than the averaged girl, shes also more… “developed” for a kid her age. I’ve watched her struggle going to school every day for the past 5 years, and I remember how hard it was for me too. No one likes being picked on, no one wants to be forced to go somewhere in which you feel like for the next 8 hours you’ll be picked on for what you wear, how your hair looks, or what is in your lunch box. You’re there to learn!

The argument with Mighty M starts with her getting ready in the morning, she will cry for about an hour she has, “nothing to wear” although we just spent $1,000 on new school clothes.. No one wants to see their kids picked on, or struggle. My husband is not “for” home-schooling. He feels that the picking on builds character, but after really thinking about it yesterday I want to see if we keep her home for her 6th grade year if she flourishes more at home. She deserves the chance, while I am able to be a S.A.H.M. (Stay At Home Mom.)


Reasons I have decided this will work for her (and us):

  1. I can give her more one on one time. Mighty M is not good at math. She hates it, and comes home and fights doing it daily. If she was at home, we could work at our own pace and I can find what learning techniques best suit her needs, not a generalized way, everyone learns. Everyone is not Mighty M.
  2. She has no one to impress, unless we have a field trip scheduled, or a trip to the store or outing for that week. I don’t have to fight with her over what to wear, no one will see her in the same thing twice. Except us.
  3. I won’t have to spend a fortune on clothes for the up coming school year, this kid grows like a weed, she seriously looks 13 and shes only 10. Her shoes are a 11 in women. (That’s a larger foot than myself!)
  4. We can work at our own pace. I don’t have to push her if there is a day she just doesn’t want to do math or language arts. We can regroup and come back at a later day.
  5. I am the teacher. I don’t have to wait for progress reports to know how my child is doing.
  6. common core is seriously retarded.
  7. We can learn at any time during the day, and stuff she will use in the future. Dinner? how about a quick math lesson in fractions while cooking? Sure!
  8. She wont get picked on and her anxiety might go away while we build her confidence back in other ways. Sometimes our kids need to be reassured, and know that they are believed in and feel important enough to go the extra mile.
  9. We will have a daily schedule that will fit our entire family. I won’t have to drag the kids to pick or take her to school each morning. (Mommy win!)
  10. I won’t lose her in the schooling system like so many kids are each year.


The worst case scenario is it doesn’t work for us and Mighty M. and she can resume schooling at any point. I’m hoping that I can get through middle school and let her resume High School when she is ready. Our kid are only kids once. They deserve the very best, right? Since I made this decision while she is still finishing her 5th grade year out in my hometown, I have plenty of time to research more on the homeschooling matter, get her curriculum fit around her, and prove not only to my husband, but to myself that I can do this too.

I used to think people that home-schooled were bonkers! How could you go all day with no break from kids? EEP! I would possibly pull all my hair out, and quiet possibly do it all at once but, when you see your child struggle year after year, and you feel that they are falling further and further behind its time to step in. Everyone is different and learns differently. Some kid flourish better where they can be themselves and learn at their own pace.

How do you feel about home-school? Will it work for your family?

Pinterest so far has been my homeschooling friend. How do you learn about homeschooling? For the next few months I will be like a sponge figuring out how to do this home-school thing the correct way…





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