I’m not sure where August went, but apparently it came and left pretty quick.I’m not sure where I was while it was going by.. Apparently not here though. Time must be racing for us since we are on a deadline to get our house packed and moved out by mid October and we have yet to get anything done!!


August Update


My husband and I are both so busy, my business took off rather quickly. Then it seemed his did too, and he needed someone for clerical work. Who better than your wife? I then took over all the phone calls, scheduling, and I was already handling the end of the month paper work, so what was just a few more loving wife responsibilities? HA. As for my shop is on vacation mode while we figure everything out and switch to our Tictail platform from Etsy. I will keep a few items still on Etsy, but most items will be in Tictail.

Mighty M decided she wanted to return to school. This past week I spent rushing around to get her enrolled. We are continuing the two small ones in pre-k type activities at home. Miss A is really receptive to learning and flash cards. Baby E (whom is not really a baby anymore, we need to really upgrade his name soon.) enjoys watching what we are doing, but hasn’t really joined in. I feel like I had more time to work with Miss A as a baby its harder to work with Baby E one on one when they both require my undivided attention 98% of the day.¬†We are also working on attitudes & chores this week. (wish me luck!)




I plan on doing more with my blog too in he upcoming months. We are pretty sure we found an RV that will work with our family, and a pretty amazing campground that we feel will work with our family while we await the building of our home. I can’t wait to document the journey. I already started looking at tiny convertible furniture. This particular RV has lots of storage space and the campsite has a pool and playground for the kids. Which we will need to not go crazy. The description of the RV says its 40 ft. and has 4 slide-outs. I can’t wait to show photo once we are all in there. Tiny house living here we come..


I have two reviews I’m working on right now for you guys. I hope to have them up at some point this week or next when I can breathe! August overall was a pretty good month. Miss A started sight words, our new kitty is adjusting to his new life with us. My great grandparents 65th anniversary dinner was amazing.

Photo: Courtesy of Pumpkin Spice Latte on Twitter.


I cannot wait for whats in store for the month of September, the start of Pumpkin Spice errrythang, the start of fall, cooler weather, and outdoor activities!!! For our family this year it means some big changes. I cannot wait to start this next chapter of our lives! Bring on fall, because I am ready…







Where did August go?
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