I’m sorry its been over a month since my last post, after the New Year I always take time to evaluate my life, my surroundings what needs change, what doesn’t.. I take my New Years resolutions very, very serious.




I started weight watchers after removing my IUD, so far -7lbs in less then a week (I knew that IUD was playing a part in my weight gain!

We started a new routine with Homeschooling. I’m using worksheets to teach and more one on one instead of DiscoveryK12, so far so good. I’m really enjoying watching her learn. I have been getting the vast majority of our worksheets from Common Core Sheets.¬†They are free, and list everything pretty much in order that they need to know. It made my life a bit simpler, I also still use my Pinterest for History and Science, but Common Core Sheets provides spelling words too! BONUS.

I have also pledged to take better care of myself. A friend recently was chatting with me and said she still gets her nails done, and goes to the gym. All I could think was HOW? I feel so horrible spending a dime on myself, I will spend days feeling guilty over even asking my husband for $10.00 so I can stop mowing the lawn myself and spend more time in doors (or out) with the kids and him, but she said something that made sense. “I always look at it like the instructions they give for a plane crash help yourself then your kids. If you don’t take care of you first which includes your marriage then you aren’t your best for the kids to best help them..”

GAH- I have neglected myself and caring for myself for such a long time, I had already made my one of my long lists of things this year to include taking better care of myself and this was a quick reminder that while I will be spending a tad on myself every month, happy wife, happy life (and happy kids.) He also has been watching the kids so I can go on my walks. I’ve started at 2 miles but plan to increase to 5 by the second week of Weight Watchers. (I post pictures from the walks that I take during the day on my Instagram feed, if you are into pictures of water, since I go walking by the inlet.) I also have been posting some motivational things there and on my Pinterest. I need all the help I can get. I also made some cool weight loss jars with marbles. I’ll save that post for later this week!


So there you have it, first post of the New Year. Happy 2015!! I cannot wait to share this years journey with you guys!


What were some of your New Year Resolutions?








Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

The New Year Swing.
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