Its been a few days, and I apologize things got a little hectic with the move, but we are moved in AND almost fully unpacked. Did I also mention that I never want to move again? I despise moving and hopefully we are here for at least 5 years if we don’t end up purchasing the home from the owner just so we DON’T have to move again.

During the small break I was busy working on things behind the scenes for my little blog however, I set up a giveaway that will include LOTS of cloth diapers and cloth related products! I also have a review I am going to do for ‘Fia Fluff Diapers for their AMAZING diaper cream that will be one of the featured items in the giveaway I am doing with MommyMiranda.

I also have a review I’d like to do for a Tranformers diaper I won for Elias from The Stitching Stork. She must be one of the nicest WAHM’S I have ever met. Yesterday was Addisyn’s 3rd birthday and when she found out, she said, “Well every birthday girl deserves a gift too!”  so, shes making Addiysn a matching Autobot Jacket! It melts my heart, what a sweet, sweet, thoughtful Momma! She is a mom to 5 children! Whew I have a hard time even saying 5 children. My head spins with the 3 I have! I can’t imagine adding 2 more into the craziness at home. The diaper itself a pocket with a minky interior. I got to pick my snap colors and color of the Autobot and if we wanted a Decepticon or Autobot (we love Bumblebee here!) so we are doing charcoal colored diaper, with yellow minky, snaps and a yellow Autobot! She said her turn around for her diapers are about 7-10 days, which is awesome. Her diapers run about $15.-$17.00 from what I can see in her Etsy shop. (which you can purchase here: TheStitchingStork.)

So stay tuned as I have a lot of upcoming projects, reviews and giveaways (gotta get my hands on some pallets, I’m dying to make a wine rack for my one empty dinning room wall, and clean out some cabinet space in my no pantry having kitchen. (BUMMER) pictures of the new pad will be posted soon! I’m so excited for our first giveaway coming up on the 26th, so STAY TUNED!


The Big Move
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