Growing up I feel  that most of the time men are not allowed to show affection, and every once in awhile we find an amazing man that will show his weakness and affections only to us. Still when days are long; children come, and often, time becomes so limited. I find we are both going in different directions a lot of days. A few nights ago, I realized that, while my husband and I sometimes don’t have time to say more than 5 words to each other, he is up and out the door before I get up with the kids and enjoy my cup of coffee. He often gets home late as we are sitting down to eat dinner as a family, there are still ways he tells me he loves me without saying the words, “I love you..”  (which he does say at least once a day.)


Silent Ways Your Significant other is

He/She Complements You.

People only complement generally, if they really mean it. If he/she tells you, “You look pretty today!” it’s generally what they are thinking. Even if your hair is a mess, you just changed the 5th dirty diaper for the day and you might be in your yoga pants. Take it! say thank you. They  really mean it.

He/She Does The Small Things.

He/she brings home your favorite ice cream from the store, they hang that picture you’ve been asking them to. They come home after a long day and do the dishes. They do small things like this so you don’t have to. It’s a simple gesture to remind you that they love you.

He/She Remembers.

They remember you asked to stop at the store and pick up something, or they remember  your favorite brand of yogurt and picks that up over another brand THEY might like. They remember your birthday, anniversary and other small things that you’ve told him in the past. It means they take the time to listen to what you’ve said.

He/She Helps Without Being Asked.

They come home, and help with the kids or help you around the house. Sometimes I still have to give him a good nudge or two, but most of the time, after he’s been at work all day, he still comes home and works on the “Honey To-Do List”

He/She Sends or Leaves You A Sweet Message.

This could be something simple like leaving a note beside the bed  for you to have a good day. A simple sweet gesture to remind you that they are thinking of you. Text messages count too.

He/She Gives You Alone Time.

My husband is awesome most of the time, after he gets home from working long hours, is typically when I get to squeeze out a blog post, lesson plan or work on my business. He plays with the kids and keeps them entertained so I can get my work done. He often bathes them, and gets them ready for bed, too. He know’s I need time to breathe and time for me to feel relaxed. It is hard keeping 3 small people alive all day everyday!

He/She Doesn’t Complain.

My husband doesn’t complain when I ask him to help, he just does it. While some complaining is a given, he won’t do it too often. Everyone is entitled to a bad day or some complaining, I really wish I could be more like him some days. He never comes home and tells me how bad his day was he just smiles and is happy to be home.

He/She Hold’s Your Hand.

My husband holds my hand, he reaches over and takes my hand right before bed, and its how we fall asleep almost every night. He also does this when we are out in public, its a simple gesture that reminds me that he loves me.

He/She Makes Time.

Our week days are long, I’m not sure the last time I was in bed before 3 am. I’m typically working on things I cannot accomplish while the kids are up and active. My husband has to be at work most days at 7 am. While he makes his own schedule he sometimes works weekends too. I honestly don’t know how he stays awake all day, but when he gets home, after we get the kids to bed, we will take a quick shower together to talk about our day or we will snuggle in bed and just chat for a bit. I look forward to these nights when we can both just sit in bed before we fall asleep and talk about what we did that day or even what we need to accomplish next week. Him taking the time, those precious moments he’s missing out on sleep, he takes those for me.


Remember there are many “silent” ways your partner can say he/she loves you without telling you.  Think of some ways your better half is silently telling you and comment below.












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Silent Ways Your Significant Other Is Saying, “I Love You.”
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