I know you’re just as shocked as I am to actually see, what? 4 posts this week? and it’s not even the end of the month or the new year! I’ve been trying to keep up on blogging to hold my sanity together.

In the weeks after I closed my Etsy shop I decided that I’d work stocking shelves overnight at a large grocery chain in Florida. (I’ll leave the name up to your detective skills..) and it’s been a rough start. I truly miss being my own boss and I’m struggling with that. I’ve also been struggling with the lack of training this company gives and making me feel like asking questions is a crime. I actually was asking myself on my last shift if I really need this job, and I did right now which is why I didn’t walk out. It took all of my being to stay and finish my shift. I’m usually not a quitter but I’ve never felt less like a person since I’m not able to ask questions without fear of being made feel like I’m an idiot. My only saving grace is the promotion I’ll be getting after the holidays. I’m trying to hang in there for January to start training for the new position.

Besides the work situation which I can ramble on forever about, I was at the kid’s school all day Friday while I worked on setting up the kids Holiday Shoppe with some of the PTSA ladies. 
We had a great time. After school, we asked the teachers to send the kids down while we finished and we didn’t leave until almost 7pm. My littles “lost” Santa this year while at the Holiday Shoppe because they decided to steal two items when we were setting up. Then (after Addisyn received a PAW-stivie referral at school for being such a big helper) tells me she got it for her PAW-sitive referral. Which I knew was bull because I had already had seen what she received when she came in the room after class. I was disappointed and told them Santa was not coming this year. I plan on sticking to my word  I have to discuss it with Mick, but I MIGHT let Santa leave a letter either saying they need to return the items and apologize to Ms. Shay and they can maybe have Santa this year OR NO Santa and he will leave a note with the things they must work on in 2019. With all the fighting the kids have done with each other, the disrespect, the not cleaning up, not playing or destroying the toys they do have we decided Christmas would be limited this year anyway. We are only getting the kids tablets or ipads for the Destination Trailer.

Speaking on the living situation we have been putting a LOT of thought and research into our new living style. I have found we will most likely be more comfortable in a destination trailer. I’ve been peaking at the Forest River – Cherokee 39SR. You can watch a quick video here of a walk through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MEiPhU19Dw. while we look into what we need to purchase one I do believe we will do a small 5th wheel or pull behind and remodel it. Then once we are done remodeling it, we will sell it for the down payment towards the Destination Trailer. This is my plan so far, and really all I have.

With the holidays coming up so quickly I feel like I’m hitting my head against a wall. Work has become super stressful- Our team leader hasn’t ever and will never say good morning when the crew walks in at night. The times we’ve said it, he ignores us. I’ve got to the point where it’s just a miserable place to walk into I dread each night I have to go in and rush to get out each night. Just a few more weeks though and hopefully I’ll be in a different position at work in which I don’t have to deal with a team leader anymore. (Fingers crossed!)

My mom’s bestie passed away on the 10th. It’s been surreal. I don’t think its sunk in yet.. It’s her last bestie and she doesn’t handle death well– like at all. She had told me a month ago he wasn’t feeling well and headed into the hospital and was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer once there. They were unable to give him any chemo, and a month later he passed. My heart breaks. He helped me a LOT when I was a wild teenager. He took me in a lot when I felt my mom didn’t “understand” me. When he’d come down for gay days he would stay with me in my little studio and we’d have pool days. It had been a while since I chatted with him, but he was a person you didn’t have to talk to every day. You just picked up where you left off. It was an honor to have him in my life and to have known someone as great as him.

As far as the rest of the month we have Girl Scout holiday party, PTSA holiday party, kids Holiday Express PJ party at school, Christmas, Christmas lights and if we can I’d like to squeeze in ONE more night to Sea World.. The radiator in my car is shot, so we have to get that handled too sometime soon because I feel like a school girl waiting to be picked up at work. (insert eye roll here.) I will post another update soon with photos from some of the events I have listed above! Take care and of course Happy Holidays!


Rough Week & Why the Kids Lost Santa
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