Planning my Spring Garden



Typically, I do try to grow a lot of my own vegetables and herbs over the years. I typically do ones we use a lot. My husband is half Italian & Spanish we use a lot of Basil and Cilantro. This year I decided I’m going to do a larger scaled garden in large pots outside on our patio instead of an in ground garden since we are still up in the air about moving.


Just because I have done this for a few years now, I know typically when to plant, but if this is your first year find your planting “zone” this will help you insure you have a successful cropping season. I’m in a 8/9. I of course live near the beach, we are hot all but two months out of the year.

Which means we have likely already had the last of our freezes by now, and by freezes I’m referring to, 86 degrees one day– 32 the next. It sends our plants into shock and its how I lost my Basil this year, the one time I said forget this its to cold to run outside and cover the plants, I lose my precious Basil. Rosemary fought it out, and is still going strong.


I ordered my seeds for the first time from Henry Fields, which was recommended by a friend. I haven’t used them before, but I’m hoping my order gets here pretty quick. Here is what I narrowed down to plant this year:


Qty Ordered Item Number Item Description Delivery Estimate
1 12004 CAULIFLOWER FARMER’S EXTRA EARLY PKT-100 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 12637 HERB CORIANDER/CILANTRO PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 75762 LETTUCE BLEND HENRY FIELD’S PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 12175 ONION GIANT RED HAMBURGER PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 11595 POLE BEAN BLUE LAKE 2 OZ 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 11925 SPINACH NOBLE GIANT PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 12634 HERB SWEET BASIL PKT 03/20/15-03/22/15
1 12655 HERB MAMMOTH DILL PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
2 12570 TOMATO BRANDYWINE PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15
1 12665 WINTER THYME PKT 03/16/15-03/18/15


I’m excited! I cannot wait to start this and hopefully cut even further back on what we spend in produce each month. 20% off the $800.00 a month I budget for groceries, goes to produce. I’m hoping expanding our garden this year means less I’m spending at the grocery store, so its a win for us. I plan on keeping track of how much I spend this year, the seeds, pot, dirt, I make my own fertilizer, and see if we are indeed saving, but if it goes as plan, and all plants grow and produce enough to sustain us until Summer when I have to replant I should have our money back after two months, of course on planting day I will show how I have it all set up to give you some ideas of how I’m handling it all this year.



Planning my Spring Garden..
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One thought on “Planning my Spring Garden..

  • March 11, 2015 at 1:05 am

    This is awesome! I wanted to start my own garden too. I didn’t even think of doing them in huge pots on the deck. I’ve pinned this post for the future potting. Thanks for sharing!

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