In the midst of a rainy move I was literally stuck inside ALL day yesterday with the kids.. which meant I couldn’t do much but catch up on laundry and cleaning at MIL’s place. I’m so edger to get across the street already that I went and upcycled the ugly palm fawn photo from the Florida room (soon to be converted into my oldest’s room. after the move) I took the picture and spent about an hour converting it into our new kitchen family board.  I decided I needed to make the weekly meal plan visible to all eyes able to read, plus a schedule for the week. meaning, all Vet visits, all Dr. visits would be visible to all eyes walking out the front door. So here is the before and afters with instructions in between. (Don’t mind the glare it was late at night)  my husband took the kids to the mall so I could sleep I was up with Darlin’ A all night the night prior so I was tired, but Nosey Neighbor #2 was ringing our door bell at 8:30pm, and I was WIDE awake after. ):




This was the lovely before of the palm fawn photo. ICK.


From my lovely Pinterest board, “printables” found here: SheSeamsSewCraftty on Pinterest I printed off

some printables that fit my family and what I needed/my style in what I was looking for, I wanted a weekly calandar and a

weekly meal plan.


I then went and cut up a cardboard box, which I started sandwiching with carpet tape. After the move from Orlando to here it was the only thing I could find since majority of my crafting stuff was packed away..


Yea, don’t judge… it worked!


Then I just arranged the board how I wanted it then used the carpet tape to hold it onto the board and

onto the printables I printed then cut.

Finished product:


Our Family To-Do Board.
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