So, here it is, my mid October family update..I know, I know. I’ve been slacking, and I apologize, again.. Life seems to keep getting busier by the second, and time for me becomes even more limited. We’ve had some major changes this past two months. We were going to purchase an RV and after about a month or two of searching time came near for us to move, and we decided to make the hardest decision of our lives. We moved back in with my parents to put our savings down on a house, instead. For a long time we felt home owning was very far from our reach, but as we worked on our credit over the last 6 months we have brought our scores up, saved quite a bit of money to place it all down on a house, and we will continue to save while living here, my parents asked we don’t pay any bills, just save and purchase our own food, and catch up on our credit cards and the rest goes towards savings (besides gas of course)


Some of the major changes: We are not longer beach residents. No more breezy nights, no more hearing the ocean, or walks along the beach early morning. Also– no more river walks either. No more night trips to the beach with the kids to hear the ocean and look at the stars. That’s OK though and here is why.


My grandparents both became brittle over night. My mom works full time, my dad has diabetes, my sister is a full time college student, and my brother just got full time at the local market. That leaves me, the stay at home mom to help them as much as I can. I’m OK with that, so for the time being we are back in Winter Park, about an hour in from the beach. Our tiny house living is on hold– for now while we make the journey into first time home buyers. We will eventually go down the tiny house avenue, once our kids are grown and in college. We’ve even talked about buying a river boat house in Tennessee. Only time will tell. I will keep my blog the same, sharing my journey through my life of raising two crazy toddlers and a tween, a husband and sharing my crafts, recipes, and family memories along the way.


I will say everything happens for a reason. Some majorly good things that have happened these past two-ish months, Miss A turned 4 on October 6th. We are celebrating her 4th birthday on Halloween. She currently is mad about Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas so, since she turned 4 during our move we decided to wait until we were slightly more settled and throw a party with her grandparents, and great grandparents on this side of town instead. I cannot wait she’s going to be so excited. Shes been into these blind bags and I’ve been rummaging the internet to find her some, we also got her a glow pet, and a my life doll, with clothing and a bed for it and a matching witch outfit for Halloween.


Baby E, is talking a lot more. He’s definitely┬áhit terrible 2’s. Him and Miss A fight all the time. It’s official and I can say, having kids closer together is way, way, way┬áharder than having them 7 years apart.

Mighty M will be starting school over here this week, she is nervous and we are hoping to find a school to where she doesn’t have to move schools again. We stopped homeschooling in New Smyrna around late August early September she wanted to start school and make friends. Which she did before we moved. She cried, kicked and pleaded for us to stay in New Smyrna. My heart broke the entire ride back over here. It was the first time she felt like she fit in, even in the short time she was there.

We are prepping the babies to start pre-k & kindergarten, house searching and busy being the B’s. I can’t wait to post our Halloween photos so stay tuned. (:



Mid October Family Update
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