July Family Updates:


July Family Update.



It’s been awhile since I’ve had a second to really work on a post, my life has been crazy busy since opening my little Etsy shop, but I wouldn’t have it anyway other way though. This Mama thrives on busy. Not only has my life been busy, Hub’s has been pretty busy too. He had a huge floor job to finish. Our kids went out of town last weekend to their grandparents, and instead of having my feet up, margarita in hand at the beach, I was grouting floors to help him catch up with this job. Not exactly the vaca of my dreams, but there is always the next  6 months from now right? HA. A mom can only dream.

The beginning of the month I cannot complain, Baby E turned two, we had a wonderful 4th.  We took the boat out and my sister in law was kind enough to purchase way to many fireworks, and we lit them off on a little island off the coast where they light the cities fireworks across the river. It was a great evening, we lit a bonfire and just had a good family time.







On other notes this month, we have a move out date finally. We are so up in the air still with what we want to do. Rv and travel? Find a cheap fixer upper? Do we have time right now for either? We are such Gypsies.  I don’t think we want to settle completely until all of our children are of school age. Right now, Mighty M doesn’t miss regular school. She enjoys her alone time drawing and listening to music and reading. I enjoy having the privilege to decide if we want to move an hour back home or stay here longer (my heart lies at the beach, I won’t lie..) but, I enjoy the freedom of not being tied down to one area and being to come and go as we please.

My garden is growing, FINALLY. I even have budding flowers! It’s a miracle! but, once they flower they die, so I’m not currently producing any peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers yet. My herbs are growing like weeds though.. (ha, see what I did there?) I’m pretty sure I might have basil, chives, rosemary and mint to feed the neighborhood.

While I have a love hate relationship with Miss A’s dance class. I’m glad we have a bit of a break before classes start back up. It’s given me time to really put all my focus into my work and getting my house back  in semi-order. I’m currently moving my desk space into my living room, and moving it from our current spot in my bedroom, because during nap time I need to get some work done, and with it currently set up in my bedroom, its hard when Miss A requires that I lay next to her in our bed for naps. Then after she wakes up, and dinner needs to be made, then bed, husband is still at work so by the time I’m able to get back to doing orders… Husband is crawling in bed. This leaves a little window of opportunity for me to actually get any work done.

I will say since husband has been working his tail off its given me a chance to catch up on some of my trashy TV. I was able to catch up to date on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Keeping up with the Kardashians (does anyone else feel bad for Kourtney right now? Sheesh Scott, get it together already..) and Teen Mom 2. I won’t add anymore shows to my schedule though I’ve been tempted to peek at Orange is the New Black, but I won’t do it! I just can’t, I really won’t get anything done around the house ever again.

The most exciting thing of this month is Mighty M turns 11. I’m in awe. I have an 11 year old! I mean I can’t be THAT old right? I am. I’m old enough to have an 11 year old. We are having a party for her tomorrow. I’m uber excited! I cannot wait to give her, her gift we have had stashed away for her months. Whats one more day right? Love you baby girl!

Can you believe that this month marks the halfway mark for the end of 2015? I can’t believe the year is half over already. I swear we were just ringing in the New Year. Well, Cheers to an awesome remainder of 2015.



July Family Updates
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