and I sincerely apologize. My life has been a tad crazy. I had my IUD taken out due to my weight gain back in January and I have taken a turn in my life style choices, not that I had bad life style choices, but I vowed to myself I’d finally lose these extra pounds that have been adding up since I had the IUD placed in 6 weeks after Baby E was born, so far since January 19th, 2015, I have lost 10 pounds to date! I got a Withings Pulse O2 to help me keep track of my sleeping patterns, and started tracking every bite that goes into my mouth. It’s helped. I feel better, I am happier.


That hasn’t left me with much time to craft however. I am having a crafting craving but we decided this week we are going to relocate again, not sure if we are staying this close to the beach (and this far from my husbands work) or if we will be moving closer to family. I’m hating the thought of moving, particularly I have found a great community here of women who share the same “natural” parenting style I share. Simply put, they cloth diaper, they baby wear, they breast feed.. I know back in Orlando I can find some of the same like minded women, and that shouldn’t sway where I move or stay, but I really do feel complete here. We are on the fence about what we are going to do, and when my life isn’t in order, meaning I don’t have routine or things are “up in the air” I tend to start panic mode.


Homeschooling front has been awesome, we have taken a few days off so I can lesson plan. I went to the New Smyrna Beach book sale and ended up getting a huge load of homeschooling books for .25cents. They also have fun activities we can do with the kids, SO FUN! This week we are going to make bag ice cream using milk and ice, I promise I will post how we do it with plenty of follow along pictures and photos.




It’s Been Awhile.
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