So– I was doing well all the month of December and that’s where things take a turn. I’ve been super involved at the kids school. Thursday and Friday I’m at the school all day. Thursday I read to both Elias and Addisyn’s class. Friday I normally hang out and help the classes as needed. A LOT has happened however since the very beginning of the year. ::cough, cough:: like I turned 35.

We are still with my parents. Our goal was to originally be out by next month, but Mick got into an accident. By an “accident” I mean his vape mod blew up on his leg and left him with 3rd-degree burns and he needed skin grafting over Valentine’s day. That was about the last time I memory planned or even planned in my Happy Planner because I’ve been non stop go since then. He has healed OK. There is scarring that we will likely have to live with, but it was a scary ordeal. He was in the hospital for 5 days. They have to keep chemical burns for a minimum of 3 days because chemical burns tend to worsen over time not get better. Micks did get worse on day 3 which is when he went in for surgery. Since the day of Mick’s accident (February 13th) I have not vaped since. I threw mine out at the hospital when we left. Mornings with coffee are really hard. That is when I used to vape the most. I could go days without it, but a month and a half later and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it (even though I vaped on 0 nicotine, it’s just the comfort of my morning breathing with vaping.)

Mick and I have been super rocky since his surgery. I begged him to quit working for the company he was working for at the time of the accident and he hasn’t really tried to. Then once he finally did there was so much tension because I feel sometimes that he waits until things are really bad and I have to dig him out. After 10 years and 3 kids, I’m tired of digging out a grown man. Just listen to me the first time and we’d be OK. Don’t make my blood pressure rise.

Besides that, we believe we caught our PTSA president not being totally honest about a lot of things. We went to the county in January and started an internal audit. From there we asked her to finally step down this week and I’m transitioning into the Vice President role and immediately began planning the Father/Daughter dance scheduled for April. From the looks of it, our budget is going to be minimal and we will be reaching out for whatever donations we can get our tiny hands on. We managed to pull off Mother/Son night on a small budget and tons of donations. Our theme is “Under the Sea” so that should be relatively easy to pull off given the theme.

Other than a busy life with Girl Scouts, kids school, PTSA and work not much has changed. I’m hoping to get back into memory planning as this is my first “sorta free check” since Micks accident. I purchased another 50 photos that should get me through a month and a half seeing as I missed almost ALL of March. I’m hoping to get back on track with blogging, and memory planning now that things are finally settling down. We didn’t do much for St. Patricks day, and after the day ended I really thought my kids expected a leprechaun to do something naughty. I think next year I might put green food coloring in the toilet and leave little gold coins around the house? I’m not sure, but Addisyn made a comment that morning, “Thank gosh that leprechaun didn’t do anything naughty in the house..” I started to wonder where she heard of it? I think my mom used to do something small and cute for St. Patricks day and I’m going to have to start incorporating that somehow each year from here on out, maybe!

The kids are on Spring Break and I have been enjoying the quiet and downtime. I did get a bit sick and I called out last night because my body felt like it had been hit with a train. I’m feeling a tad bit better today after getting some rest overnight. Hopefully Mick can take me to the DMV to get my registration (yes, I’m late simply because of Mick’s accident I forgot all about my registration) and I can take Addisyn to the movies as I promised her I’d do. We’ve been wanting to see Wreck-It Ralph (Ralph breaks the internet) at the dollar theater.

Finally, we are planning our 2020 cruise.. I have a December 5th-13 cruise in mind and on hold for the next $50 deposits. It will be our first 8-day cruise and I cannot wait for 4 sea days and a trip to Aruba, Bonaire and back to Grand Turk! Cruising is always something fun to look forward too. I’m glad we didn’t have a cruise for 2019 booked because Mick can’t have his leg in the sun for the next year due to the new skin not being able to be exposed.

I fell off again!
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