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Lets start this post out with me explaining why I was so excited to find something that finally worked. The last two years every week I have tried something new to clean my daughters crib. When we first moved I tried so many different cleaners to get the dried milk from the bottoms of the crib railings only to find that when it dried, it looked no different then before I started cleaning it, only difference was my sore arms from scrubbing. Our lives were changed last night.. After 409, Comet, Murphy’s Oil, hot water, Windex, my nails, a tooth brush, literally you name it we tried it type of deal and last night I sprayed one natural cleaner on the crib and within two minutes the dried milk was just coming right up. I feel like such a fool for not thinking of it sooner, honestly. Its one of my absolute favorite household cleaners.

I started spraying down the crib last night while my husband was installing our new dining room light fixture. We had decided the other day that we were going to put Miss A’s side railing back on the crib, because she keeps escaping to our room in the middle of the night, and two nights ago I woke up with a massive headache and backache. I woke up with my head completely OFF the bed. I couldn’t take sleeping all contorted every night, so crib railing was going back up. While my husband worked on the light I worked on getting the railing back up, when I pulled it out of our hall closet I just kept thinking, it can’t go back up looking like this, the milk was so bad at the bottom of the crib I didn’t even want to touch it. I was so upset at all the failed attempts I had done in the past to remove the stubborn milk stains. Then it dawned on me, as I was coming up with excuses I’d tell company, “No I swear we’ve tried cleaning it before, here let me show you, (round up all household cleaners and rush to the crib while frantically scrubbing) I swear we are clean! I just don’t know why it wont come off!” I had already had it in my head that nothing would work after countless Google searches and failed crib cleaning missions I just didn’t expect this to work, and I didn’t expect it to come off so easy, but it did.

What you will need to clean your crib:

  1. Wash cloth
  2. Hot water
  3. Vinegar
  4. Lemon juice
The left side is prior to the clean, on the right is the completed cleaned crib railing!

I keep lemon peels in a spray bottle with vinegar already in my kitchen I use it to spot clean my floors or colored crayon marks on walls, to pray down the sink after I do the dishes, I seriously use it for everything! It’s my go to, so of course in my last attempt to clean it before literally throwing in the towel, I grabbed a bowl and filled it with warm water, grabbed a washcloth from the linen closet and my handy dandy vinegar spray and went to work. I tested a small area first out of sight to see how it faired, the dried milk just dripped right off. I waited until it was dried to completely spray the entire crib with the vinegar spray. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to eat any coating on the crib its self, and it didn’t. The crib when I was done looked brand new! I’m so embarrassed to post this before and after, mostly because the before is so horrible. I swear I’ve attempted cleaning her crib prior more times than I have fingers and toes.. Let me know how it works on your little ones cribs, I did my sons crib too, his was not nearly as bad as Miss A’s, I now feel like our nursery is clean and no more embarrassing excuses when people come over to visit and I take them into the nursery. Vinegar once again for the win!


Completed crib all finished! Doesn’t look to shabby for a 3 year old crib!

I really hope this helps you on your cleaning adventures!


How I cleaned our crib.. (The easy way!)
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