Homemade 5 Minute Ice Cream


I’m not pulling your chain, this stuff really works and kept my kids completely silent for an entire 15 minutes while they enjoyed their ice cream (and as a parent, it’s like golden when your kids are silent for that long and its not bed time or nap time and there is no medical emergency..).

This is actually one of the easiest things I’ve done, and I totally winged it. I remember doing this back in middle school as a kid, it must have been right before summer, and it was hot. I don’t remember much, but we all gathered in the field and shook bags of milk for what seemed like forever and possibly had carpel tunnel to get this perfect little bit of ice cream and we savored every… last..drop.

So, here’s sorta what we did to achieve some pretty awesome ice cream..



First you need two bags per batch (or child/adult) that zip, We used the same size bags, but one would imagine it would make your life easier with a larger and smaller Ziplock bag.. (Duh, Dara..) We totally did this on a whim so I adjusted thing to what we had, and small bags it was.


Fill the larger of the two bags with Ice and salt, lots of salt, the big kind such as Kosher Salt, Sea Salt or Table as a last resort. Make sure you have enough room to fit another bag in, that will be stuffed with a bit of liquid. Next, work on the, “good stuff.”

  1. 1 tablespoon sugar
  2. ½ cup milk, cream, or half and half
  3. ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (or other flavoring) or Hershey’s syrup, Hershey’s strawberry syrup, carmel, anything you can think of, but don’t use too much it will have a pretty strong flavor.

Place the bag with liquid (zipped of course) into the bag with ice, sealing the bag of ice and shake, shake, shake, shake… Don’t stop.. Seriously or it won’t turn to ice cream. If there is a few of you working on this, take turns with the bags, we placed ours in a kitchen towel so our hands didn’t freeze off and we just shook and shook, in 5 minutes you’ll have pretty good ice cream to enjoy, you need to eat it pretty quickly, it has a soft consistency, but its actually pretty good, my kids seriously were tipping their heads back to get the last drop.


There you have it. 5 minute ice cream with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!


Tell me, how did your ice cream turned out or what you added? Was it a success?

Homemade 5 Minute Ice Cream, with Stuff You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen!
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