It’s been a busy few months, since our last post in October. November was busy prepping for Thanksgiving and our Cruise we took with friends. I plan on doing a whole do’s and don’t list for first-time cruisers soon. We had a blast, the kids can’t wait to do it again and I really honestly think it was one of the best things we could have done as a family. Cruising for sure is the way to travel. I also loved that, finally, at 33 I was able to see another country. Mexico was beautiful. The water we swam in was crystal clear. The memories we made will no doubt last a lifetime. I would be lying if I said I’m not already planning two more for the upcoming year!


Let me discuss the cruise.

Day One. Day at Sea.

We arrived into Tampa early into port and went directly to our parking. Boarding took a while to get through because there was apparently an issue with the previous guests getting off or something so it took a bit longer than expected. We headed up to the pool deck and relaxed, had some burgers and drinks and the kids played in the pool. They don’t let you in your room right away, so I do recommend bringing a carry-on bag with sunscreen and bathing suits. The kids had a blast in the pool. We left port around 4pm. We walked around the decks and floors and watched the sunset through windows around the ship. The kids got really excited seeing the ship move and leave land. Shortly after sunset, we went to dinner and the kids joined us. Dinner the first night was excellent. After dinner, we headed to the Hasbro Game Show aboard the ship. I ended up leaving early because I needed something from the room but the kids stayed with my husband and had a blast. We headed to bed.


Day Two. Sea Day

We woke up to a “Sea Day” and had breakfast on the pool deck with the kids. Shortly after we signed them up for Kids Camp and they had a blast. We picked them up around 2:30 for lunch on the boat since Kids Camp closes for lunch and doesn’t re-open until 6 pm for Kids Dinner. We enjoyed lunch and then Mick took the kids to the pool for a bit and we dropped them off for kids dinner, we skipped formal dinner and Mya and I ordered room service. We picked up the kids and went to bed around 10.

Day Three. Cozumel, Mexico. It was amazing. We ate breakfast on the pool deck and then went off of the boat into Mexico. We caught a cab to our meeting place for our snorkeling excursion. We were unsure that the littles would be able to join us in the water, but once on the boat, the captain allowed everyone in that had safety gear on. I sat out with Elias on the first go, because the water was 25Ft deep with coral. I didn’t want to risk him being in the deep waters with myself and the water wasn’t as clear. I stayed aboard and chatted with a nice guy who was also on the excursion from another ship and we fed the fish and watched Mick, Mya and Addi snorkel. Addi got back on board and was so thrilled to see fish and the guide making bubbles in the water! They started serving margaritas and a rum drink and sodas while on board for the first stop. Once everyone was back on board we headed about 15 minutes down to CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER. The water was about 5ft deep, Elias managed to get in really fast, but he was over it, cried the entire time so Mick took him back up to the boat and I swam this time with Addi and Mya and our friends. After we swam around it looked like it might rain so we all headed back to the boat and the captain took us back to Playa Mia beach and we had lunch. After lunch, we had a few drinks at the pool and let the kids play in the water park they had. I wasn’t too thrilled with the food (besides the ceviche) or the staff near the pool they were not too nice. After a bit by the pool, we caught a cab back to port to do some quick shopping. We stopped by Diamond International where we picked up our first charm bracelets. It’s something they have at every port and you collect charms for your bracelet. There were 3 in the Cozumel port, so the girls and I (Elias too because he wanted one) collected our three Cozumel charms, got some trinkets to bring back home and boarded back onto the ship. Once on board, we went to the room, showered quick and got dressed for dinner. The little kids wanted to try kids club for spaghetti dinner, and then my friend, Mya and I went and soaked in the hot tub on the pool deck while the boys slept. We picked the kids up before kids club closed at 10 pm and headed to sleep.


Day Four. Day at Sea.

We all woke up and headed out to Dr. Suess Breakfast (I’ll leave a link we recorded the whole thing via our action cam before it died for the day) then off to the pool, we kept the kids from kids club and let them splash around the the pool until lunch. We all headed to the lunch buffet where they were doing some amazing chocolate tasting so we all had lunch and then I went back to the room to take a nap and so did our friend. The boys stayed at the pool with the kids. When we got up we all went to have dinner together on the last night. After dinner, the kids wanted to go back to kids club for the Pirates Party. We went to the comedy club and then picked up the kids and went back to the room to pack to head home first thing in the morning.


Day Five. We arrived back home.

YAY!! We arrived at the port of Tampa at 8 am, and we got clearance to dock around 8:30ish. We collected our bags went to our muster station and waited for our floor to be called. Once called we headed back home, but first stopped to pick up our dog from my parents.

  • Morning Towel Animals
    Morning Towel Animals
  • Dr Suess Breakfast
    Dr Suess Breakfast
  • Green Eggs & Ham
    Green Eggs & Ham
  • Pancakes stacked high
    Pancakes stacked high
  • Shrimp Cocktail
    Shrimp Cocktail
  • Bon Voyage!
    Bon Voyage!
  • Merry Christmas, Paradise!
    Merry Christmas, Paradise!
  • Serinity
  • Escargo
  • Cozumel!
  • Dinner! (:
    Dinner! (:
  • Hasbro Gameshow
    Hasbro Gameshow
  • Mya at Dinner
    Mya at Dinner



We were all glad to be back home but it was bittersweet. We left ready to start planning our next cruise! Our action camera we purchased before the trip kept dying on board thankfully our friends had a GoPro so we still got amazing video of our adventures and our first few days back I bit the bullet and purchased the same GoPro so we don’t miss any more amazing vacations. I also uploaded some software so that I’m able to edit videos on my phone and computer later down the road. Im also considering doing more  We are thinking Aruba next! What do you think?


Holiday & Cozumel, Mexico Update!
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