It’s that time of year again, so– brace yourselves for those “New year, new me posts..”

I won’t even lie, I will be one of them! 2018 brought a lot of blessings for my family it was also a very, very long hard year to get through. We had several highs and several lows and several ah-ha! moments. We made it out like warriors and I plan on using 2018 as a lesson heading into 2019.

I’m a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions or “goals” as I like to call them. I feel everyone should have something they are working on.. After all we are all works in progress. One of my major goals is planning on lots of self care. I do a LOT for my babies. When I’m off my night job I spend my days off at the school. I read to my son’s class on Thursdays and I’m there whenever Addisyn’s teacher requests. I also volunteer a lot of time for PTSA events and otherwise. As well as co-lead in Addisyn’s Girl Scout troop. After some hard consideration I DO need a weekly self care day. Where I take care of my body and mind. I plan on doing a little spa like treatment. Taking care of my hair, feet, eyebrows anything to treat my body and during that time I will also plan and scheduling my upcoming week. Planning is my happy me time. It makes me feel good to organize myself so I’m not forgetting anything. When the kids are in school life gets crazy with trying to remember the book fair, PTSA events, Girl Scout events, items needed that the teachers request. It can be a lot! And to keep my mind and stress level in check; I will take part of myself care day to read, relax, plan and watch some TV or listen to a podcast and possibly squeeze in a blog post or two. 😉

I also plan on working on the YouTube channel. I’m so hesitant and I really need to not be. I’m not sure if I’m scared what people will say, or what my friends will say, I’m not totally sure. But I need to just take a leap of faith and the kids keep asking. It is truly a great way to document more of their lives which was always my goal, even when I started SSSC all those years ago. To give them something to look back on when they are older and truly remember it. YouTube is the way of the future it feels like, unfortunately, so I need to just embrace it.

I guess 2019 we will also roll with the punches! 😂😉

One of my other goals is to really budget better. We have never budgeted anything, ever, because with Mick and my jobs we never knew what was coming in. Mick is piece rate depending on how busy they are and mine was always how busy my Etsy was. This year, I at least have my job as a constant. Another BIG thing I plan on doing this year is telling myself I don’t need what everyone else has. It’s a want and I already have everything I need. Which is true. I don’t need what everyone else has. A lot of times “we” get bored and buy things. I also know I’m personally an emotional buyer. It makes me feel good when I shop, and I need to step away from that frame of mind. We are not getting any younger and I have plans to travel as well as save for retirement. My goal has always been a houseboat on Lake Cumberland for my later years. The more we buy the less we save, so one of my major 2019 goals is getting our finances in check ☑️.

I’m also doing a memory/gratitude jar this year. This I feel will be a great way for the kids and I to look back on and be grateful for the things we had/did this year. I want the kids to be more understanding and thankful for what they do have. I do not make the money I once did with Etsy. Elias has a hard time understanding we will no longer buy him things at his leisure. He gets upset when we say no, and while it will be him trying to buy his sister something or dad, he has to understand buying things isn’t always a way to show you love someone. There are nice things you can do at home to show you love someone. I have a lot of reprogramming to do there and hopefully we can grab it by the reins before it’s too late.

One of my last major goals is patience. I’m so tired a lot from work, that I can sometimes ask the kids to go keep themselves busy while I decompress, and while that’s healthy for them I also need to ensure I’m listening to the things they say. I want to make sure that they feel they are being heard and are important too.

As far as a 2019 vacation planned, I’m not sure if we will cruise yet this coming year. I really want to focus on getting our finances in check and then I already have our 2020 mapped out. We will be doing Cozumel (again) with Costa Maya and Belize. Belize will be a new stop for us, aboard the Carnival Legend 😊. I’m always more excited about life when a cruise is in the future 😉.

As far as that, I don’t have to many other major goals for 2019. I want to work hard and smash the few I do have and make 2019 a successful, easy, stress-free year. What are some goals or resolutions you have made for yourself?

Hey there, 2019!
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