We made it, 4 years, through thick and thin, good and lots of bad, but we did it. Whew, I married my best friend on October 10th, 2010 (Yep! 10-10-10) and we did it on a whim. Our original date was 11-11-11 but we just eloped. We told no one and just DID. We didnt want to spend a lot on a wedding, and I am sure most of our family just didn’t think we’d make it this far, but we have. I hope we last 50 more years. I cannot see sharing my life with anyone else. My husband IS my best friend. Last night, we got something we don’t typically get. Alone time. Typically my day is filled with two whiny toddlers, cleaning up messes, cooking and caring and changing diapers. Running a household. My husband gets home from a long day at work, to then give the kids a bath after we eat dinner, (by 9:00 pm and bed by 10:00 this may seem late but, by the time hubby gets home, this is what time it leaves us after dinner, bath and a bit of play time with hubby) There are some days, when hubby works late, that he misses seeing the kids, because hes been working, he showers quickly and heads to bed. We have long days, some (OK most days) I question my sanity after I’ve been arguing with Miss. A about something silly, when Baby E has been crying at my feet all day, when my arms ache, because my son has wanted to snuggle all day and I can’t pick anything up because I have baby arms (you know, when your arms feel like rubber after a day of holding your child.) Today, I found my matching sneaker in the guest bathroom toilet. YUP. One of those days.

After I told my friends that my sister in law was coming over for the evening to watch our kids, hubby called and told me to get ready, I was shocked. First of all my hair was in a bun in a mess. I was still in PJ’s and it was 8:00 P.M. I asked him to bring home dinner (something I NEVER do, but wanted our night to just relax.) So– let me get this straight not only do I not have to cook, but I get a night out? wow. It must be a special occasion.. My friend said, “Don’t talk about the kids, it seems that’s all my husband and I find to talk about when we are out..” and jokingly I said we need cards, Date Night Cards. Something you can reach for when you have that rare night out with your husband to reconnect. When you have a night to NOT talk about the kids and talk to each other. We did fine surprisingly as a younger couple who doesn’t venture out often. Everything was closed by the time we were able to leave the house (surprise, surprise! our small beach town everything closes at like 8:00 P.M.) so we went to Denny’s (Fancy date night here we come!) but it was nice, I wouldnt have changed it for the world! (it could have been donuts for all I care, as long as I didn’t have to cook, I was OK with it.) We managed to keep most of the conversation off the kids, we spoke a lot about his work. How it was going, (he was super tired, poor thing tried to be a trooper) and we headed home after dinner..
I will be working on Date Night Cards soon, because its only fair that we connect with our significant others when we do have those oh so rare date nights.

But- I did make this sign. I hand painted it (no stencils here!) For one of his gifts. The other was a new wedding ring, since we both have lost our originals here or there, oops!)

I made this using Miss A’s hand and Baby E’s Feets. HE LOVED IT. He hung it up as soon as he got home. I did it totally free hand, if I ever make one again, I think I may at least pencil it on first. Our house is coming along, (even if I did make over half of what we have around here.. LOL)



I do have a post planned here shortly that will tell you everything and the size I used for this. So stay tuned!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!
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