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Welp, it happened… Our middle baby went and had a birthday yesterday. I can’t believe shes finally 6! She had such a good day. Things have been crazy since hurricane Irma. We’ve slowly been getting back on track with our finances, and our yard, in between work, cleaning, and ya know– kids. We were without power for 6 days after Irma, and I had put my shop on vacation mode 2 days before the storm hit just to ensure I got all orders out of Florida before the state was shut down entirely. I’m planning to do a post about all of that madness soon. But, when one is without a major income for 8 days, it takes a bit to get back on track unless you have a pretty nice stash hanging out in the bank to cover both parties being without income unexpectedly. We were not 100% sure we’d be able to do something this year ON her actually birthday. Typically we do celebrate Miss A’s birthday closer to Halloween or on Halloween, but this was the first year she actually was more aware due to her age that on her birthday it needs to be celebrated THAT day. We ended up being OK and my shop was fairly back on track considering the time loss (still not back at what it was, but enough that we were OK), and we took her to build a bear with her brother.



















(Miss A and Baby E putting their hearts into their stuffed animals)



















(Baby E after making Optimus Prime)

Baby E picked Optimus Prime, and Miss A a “snuggle bunny” they had a blast picking out their animals, smells, and noises to put in their new fury friends! I always get excited watching them do stuff for the first time. How big and bright their eyes get when they do something for the first time. We got Miss A a stroller for her “Snuggle Bunny” Evie, named after Disney Descendants of course!

We finished off the night at Longhorn. The food was amazing and the kids loved it. It was our first time going, and honestly I can’t remember the last time we all went out to eat as a family. We typically are the order something To-Go/Curbside and come home and eat in the comfort of our own home family, but the kids listened and behaved really well. Baby E, tends to get a little crazy when we go out. We think it could be part of his SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) in which he doesn’t handled noises or new anything out of our normal routine. He tends to be a little… intense as far as listening and focusing as well when we are in public. We get a lot of side eyes because, he doesn’t know space or boundaries and will get in other kids faces. We are working on it and finding ways to help him, and work with him. Honestly, its a learning curve for us as well. I will go into this as well in another post later as well.


Today, we went to my parents to do our family party with Miss A. She had a blast with her gifts and ended the evening by going back to my grandparents to discuss some work that needs to be done here shortly on their house. They are struggling to maintain their home recently as they age and its killing me inside, because I do not have a lot of extra time, but I was telling my husband when we were packing the cars to head home its honestly something we NEED to start making time for. I love them dearly. It hits me harder each year, that this could be the last birthday, last holiday, last hug. I discussed with them this evening as well that I’d like to start recording Passover, because once my grandfather takes his last breath that’s it. I have NO idea how to hold Passover dinners. I want to soak up everything before I say goodbye. I want to hear all of his stories about them as children. Who they where. What would they have done different? Who did they want to be? It’s something I need to make time for, so my kids can hear the stories and I can remember as much as possible. It’s so hard as we get older watching the ones we love, the ones we remember helping us grow into the people we are, slowly become helpless.


Well- Miss A is begging me to watch Moana with her, so off to cuddle my snuggle bunny!


Happy 6th Birthday Miss A
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