Happy New Year!


I cannot believe another year has sadly, come to an end. It’s always bittersweet for me, another year I’m a year older, and my kids grow a year old too, which means, I’m one step closer to not having little babies, knowing Elias is our last of the ‘firsts.’ This year, Elias starts Kindergarten. It’s my last of the first to begin school it does pull my heartstrings a bit, but on the other hand, it’s the fresh beginning of a New Year. Clean slates! Perfect time to reset and start again.


We’ve been busy for sure since our last post!


Since getting back from our vacation things have been full speed ahead, Christmas and then New Years. I spent yesterday purging furniture and stuff we no longer need or have a use for, and cleaning our house and organizing papers. We’ve been sick off and on now for a few months, so I broke out the Lysol wipes, sprays, and bleach once hubby finally caught it. Hopefully, it nips this sickness in the bud. I’m sure this uber cold weather we are having just isn’t helping either. With that said, we are ready to start this year fresh. I cleaned off the kid’s school bulletin board I use for pinning up events or things that are due so that we can see what the month has in store for us. I started a new planner as well to begin 2018. I’m really liking my new PandaPlanner thus far, and once the time is over to get a new one, the only con is it’s a 4-month planner, roughly, so I will be purchasing a few throughout the year. It’s the only downfall though, otherwise, I think its very geared towards positive goals and changes! I’m digging the ‘science’ behind it.


So, it wouldn’t be the New Year without a few goals, ammiright? so let’s see what I have in store for this year, typically it’s the same things I say I’ll do every year with a few new ones:


  • Double my sales this year. I’m adding a line of tutus and HUGE adorable bows so this should help.
  • Get healthy. I’m not even going to list losing weight, I feel like just that statement alone is going to cause me to fail. I’m talking about less soda, more sweet potatoes type of deal.
  • Plan our next family vacation.
  • READ MORE BOOKS (I got a new Kindle for Chrismas from my loving husband, so this should help. I have a list of some really good business books and organizing books I’d like to read.)
  • MORE VIDEOS. (We got a new GoPro so we’ve been trying to record most of our big adventures or big days. I also started a private YouTube channel to post said videos so my kids can watch them when they’d like.)
  • Become better at editing said videos.
  • Write at least one blog post every two weeks. (This one I’m flexible on, simply because I work, A LOT. After Elias starts school full time in August, this should become easier.)
  • More photos of the kids. I think I do well, but what is a few more?
  • Schedule my shop critique I won with Daliah, (a vlogger/small business owner, and coach I follow)I plan on taking advantage of the few extra hours I will be gaining not having to drive to pick up Elias at school at 10:45 daily.
  • Build better relationships with like-minded individuals, and cut people who are mentally and physically draining.


So this is pretty much what’s on my goal list this year. I think its all pretty doable, nothing crazy.


First Post of 2018
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