It’s been a busy week! More often then not lately I don’t know if I’m coming or going. “Holiday” customers are in full swing. Last minute shoppers who are demanding items faster than I can produce them, and people wanting discounts. Normally I don’t have an issue with either, but add that to my uncle dying this past week, still playing catch up from Irma, a $900. water bill, my grandparents stating that they can no longer clean their house or take care of their yard, after school activities, classroom mom responsibilities, kindergarten homework (and yes its a LOT of it), VPK homework, and driving to the school 4 times a day has left me feeling slightly more irritable and drained. My office is a wreck, and so is the house, because I can’t seem to catch up on my ever growing daily to-do lists. There are weeks that I feel like I can conquer EVERYTHING. My car is cleaned, my house is spotless, I’m not feeling stressed with my shop, the kids have a great before/after school routine, and I’m crushing life. Fast forward to Fall Festivals, classroom events, bring your parent to VPK day, Spirit Night, and my head is spinning.


I’m trying to take a deep breath, prioritize, and go back at it, but lately there is just NOT enough hours in the day. I know every mom goes through this, right? I can’t be the only one feeling like the poor hamster spinning on his wheels and getting no where??


I took 5 minutes and wrote down a to-do list, on Friday. Something I haven’t had time to do in ages, but I made time so I could prioritize what needed to get done this weekend in order of importance. THIS was my game changer. We busted but all weekend and checked off most of our to-do list. I will say it MIGHT have helped that we were one less kid this weekend. Miss A went to her grandparents house for a birthday weekend. One less kid meant one less mess, and one less kid fighting with the others. It was a pretty quiet weekend. We did squeeze in a kids Trick or Treat activity before she left. We went to the Petrified Forest in Altamonte where they had a kids day. They had crafts, and face painting, and trick or treating. The kids had a blast. I do admit I stayed home while Mick went, simply because I wanted to catch up on house work before my father in law came to pick her up.


Petrified Forrest Saturday Fun!

I caught up on orders, we caught up on laundry, we mopped the floors and organized my office, cut the grass, and managed to have a movie night with Baby E Saturday night and even had time to grill dinner. I set up Miss A’s homework through out the week and made a schedule so that we can get her feeling even more in a routine once she gets home from school. We will do snack time, and then sight words, and some time on iReady, and then book after dinner/bath and bed.


The only things I have left on my to-do list, is weeding my grandfathers yard, finish pressing orders for this week (they are all cut, I just need to pack and press) and finalizing my Thanksgiving menu, making a packing list for our trip to Mexico, and I’d like to find some time to make some Halloween crafts with the kids and possibly some Halloween shirts and clean out my car. We shall see, but for the most part, I’m back in the swing of feeling like a normal human being. My house is organized, my office is cleaned, I’m caught up on orders (if not ahead for the most part) and we are ready to tackle this week!


Feeling Overwhelmed Before The Holidays? You’re Not Alone..
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