Our Family Trip 2018

This year we planned our family trip on the Carnival Breeze from September 30th – October 6th. We visited 3 destinations while on our 6-day cruise. Stop one was Nassau, Bahamas, stop two was Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic, and stop three was Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Here were my personal favorites while aboard the Carnival Breeze.



This was our second cruise, our first to Cozumel was a 4 day and while we enjoyed it a lot, the ocean was a lot calmer so everyone’s tummies were fine. Addisyn, Elias, and Mick all got seasick (Addisyn’s lasted a few days) while aboard.  A wonderful trick to cure seasickness? Green apples. We ran down to the medicine shop quite a few times to get different bracelets and medicines for Addisyn. Our room steward, Jose suggested green apple from the buffet and within an hour on day 4 Addisyn was coming downstairs to eat with us and feeling better!

Debarkation Day/Day One- Was a sea day. We left port that evening had a great dinner, met our friends from our Facebook group we had got to know all year while counting down the days until our cruise and the kids played in the splash area while we got to enjoy some of the food we didn’t get to try on the Paradise on our last sailing. We did dinner as a family this night it was nice start to our cruise.



Day Two- Nassau, Bahamas. The reason I booked this particular cruise was the fact that we docked early in the cruise and then a sea day followed by the other two stops. I liked the break, and the fact that it was smashed in between three days and felt like a HUGE rush, and I liked the fact we might be able to relax between ports. Day one in the Bahamas was NOT a favorite. It had pros and cons. I liked the old historic feel. I almost felt as though I was back in New Orleans. Really has a lot of history. I didn’t know (and really I should have known before porting) that the Bahamian dollar is actually valued as the same as American money. I had to ask one of the many officers standing guard on the street corner. The entire port smells like horse poop. literally.

Turning down the wrong street is/can be scary. We decided we’d visit the Queen’s Staircase while in Nassau. It was a historic place that I wanted my kids to have a chance to see. I also was budgeting around our stops so I wanted this to be a cheaper stop as we didn’t plan on spending much at this port. Our goal was to make it to the Queen’s Staircase and back on board to change and shower and head to dinner rather early as the next day was a sea day between our next two stops. We used the ships WiFi for directions before getting off (smartest move all cruise). I wish I would have asked other passengers in our cruise group if they were going and we should have walked together. Passing the hospital was a little sketchy. I made the kids hold our hands tight. There is a lot of crime in this area so we took little money off the ship only enough to get a drink/beverage. It was very hot. Even in September early October I wanted to die. The Queen’s staircase is worth a visit. It was rich in history and the waterfall was amazing. It was really pretty. This was formal night so Mick and Elias brought me back lobster and prime rib and we ate and watched TV in the room.





Day Three- Sea Day. This is the day Addisyn began to not feel well. We took turns caring for her in the room. Thankfully the balcony gave us some fresh air when we were needing it. I went to dinner this night and brought back Mick food.



Day Four- Amber Cove. I took Elias down to Amber cove early. I went to do a little shopping. We bought an ornament for our tree and I bought the kids some bracelets from the trip and a necklace. We went down to the pool and I ordered a quesadilla and a margarita and Elias a frozen strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic of course). I stayed down by the pool until about 12 and then let Mick go down with Elias. This night Jose gave us the idea to help Addisyn with the green apple. About 5 pm she ate the apple and 7:00 pm she was calling us feeling better so she came down to eat dinner with all of us.





Day Five- Grand Turk. Since Addisyn missed all of Amber Cove I’m glad she was able to do Grand Turk. The kids were troopers as we trucked ALL THE WAY TO Jack’s Shack. It was a hike, but we had been monitoring the seaweed issues near the shoreline by where the ship docks and from the looks of the videos the water wasn’t clear near the port dock, so we decided to treck further down and it was worth it.

Once we were at Jacks the stray dogs come right up some are hesitant but if you have food or ice buckets for your drinks they will come right up and they know how to cool down by eating your ice or begging for food. Which they don’t have to beg long, because the tourist up and down feed them graciously jerk chicken or conch fritters (which are amazing by the way) Mick said the local beer (I – Ain- Ga-Lie) is a really good beer. He and our friends enjoyed a bucket or two. I didn’t leave the waves except to eat. Once out past the big dip (likely due to hurricanes the beach has a huge dip in the water) but the water was nice and warm and you could see for miles. When you were ready to get out, the waves would push you past the dip so you could get back on shore. This was probably our favorite stop. The locals are a tad pushy but worth it. Head down to Jacks and rent a $10 umbrella which comes with two free chairs and enjoy the wonderful smells, view, food and of course Calypso and Topher. We returned to the ship showered and went to dinner since it was the last formal night.





Day Five -Sea Day. This is the day we begin to get pretty sad. It’s our packing day and making sure we hit all the shops for their discounts. I also enjoy a Sea Day Brunch. Mick wanted a few watches, we got a few pieces of jewelry and pack our bags so that the stewards can have them ready for port. People are usually grumpy today because tomorrow we dock and their vacations are over. They rush around on the ship in a panic because they are rushing to do everything they were unable to do the past few days. We relaxed, napped, and I took Elias to eat lunch at the Captains Pasta Bar. Which I do not recommend to anyone. Ever. We were waiting for nearly an hour and the restaurant wasn’t full. I also asked for another soda in which it never came to me. Our server or helper never introduced themselves and at one point I physically got up to find someone to help us. I wasn’t impressed and would never actually eat there at night and actually pay for the food.





Day Six – Port Day. This is a sad day as we make our way off the ship. This was probably one of the worst experiences getting off a ship as well. Mick was picked to be the lucky person to have their luggage sorted through once we left the ship. We went to customs and had to wait (since we forgot to check out) for our luggage to come down last off the ship. Then we were taken to a room where our stuff was sorted through and we were asked what we purchased off the ship. It was literally a few ornaments and necklaces and bracelets (like $5.00 for the kids) so they let us go thankfully right after.


We overall enjoyed this cruise. I probably wouldn’t pick Nassau again as a stop, but would absolutely return to Grand Turk. I enjoyed the Carnival Breeze, the staff and their family. I did find the famous ships coin in the morning we were debarking. I wish we could do two weeks aboard and I’m sure my family agrees. I’d like to plan something for 2019 and plan to be on the ship for either Chrismas OR Thanksgiving as I’m getting older I hate family politics, and just want to enjoy time with my own babies. I hate having to choose the time between my family and Micks and since I don’t get along with Mick’s mother 99% of the time, holidays are a difficult topic here.

This post was mostly from memory, I haven’t had time to upload any videos to the Youtube Channel, but once I do I’ll link them here and I MAY change the timeline as I watch the video and see how our cruise went. I cannot wait to edit and upload the video as I miss the cruise family already but I’m looking forward to picking out where we will adventure to in 2019!


Have you cruised? what is your favorite port or where do you plan to go on your next cruise?


Family Vacation 2018 (Late Post)
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