In the midst of trying to figure out our living situation, I need a good distraction, some of my favorite distractions are of course crafting and decorating my home. However, with the upcoming move to either stay here ormove 46 long minutes away, I cannot add to my house with crafting projects at the moment. So how to fix this? simple I’ll save all my fall printable’s in ONE place, for when I can finish printing them and arranging them around the house! I’m compiling a few of my favorites via my Pinterest page (to find more printables please follow my printables board). These will work for the upcoming fall festivities, I’ll make sure there are categories you can find to the right of my blog.

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  • Fall
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween

Hope you enjoy them! 

Please click the links below to follow to their original site, I did not make these (although I usually make quite a bit of my own for holidays, however this year there is no time!) I do not own these or have rights to any of them, there are links connected to each printable from where the original came from, where if you follow the link, there are often MORE printables, it’s like some sorta printable dream! (;


Please make sure you show us via Facebook how you used these printable’s in your home for the holiday season! always check back for my awesome printable lists.

Fall…. & A Few Of My Favorite Things!
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