The year has flown by pretty quickly. I have some amazing ideas for the blog come this year, as I quickly try to catch up on how behind I got this past year with my Etsy shop. Now that it’s officially closed I do miss it, but I do have more free time to do some things I loved and missed too. Like blogging.

November was super busy for our family. I had my best interwebs friend Alexis visit with her family. They went to Disney and we did a day at SeaWorld together. I love how our families vibed so well. I love her babies to death! They are so precious and darling!


We also moved back to my mothers while we RV/Fifth wheel search. We marked “tiny house” off our list because it will be just TOO tiny for what we need. I need a space where the kids can do homework and have creative space, We also need our “own” spaces to retreat too. For Christmas, we are getting the kids iPads. This way there is no fighting over the TV, they can go to their space and watch Netflix, SlingTV or YouTube. With a time limit of course and lots of monitoring.

Also with November came Thanksgiving. We celebrated with Alexis and her family and besides the dry turkey, I cooked all was well. They left to head back to Ohio shortly after we ate. We put up our new smaller black Christmas tree which was a first for us this year. We chatted a lot about in the past about getting a black tree and this was the first year we actually did it. I plan on keeping our blush and charcoal ornaments but also doing a buffalo plaid theme eventually since the skirt and stocking I got this year where all buffalo plaid prints and it seems to be in with burlap. This year I will begin collecting buffalo plaid stuff throughout the year for next years theme.


Our elves Sprinkles and Jinx also made an appearance. I put Mya in charge of them this year because I keep forgetting to move them with my schedule. Between co-leading Addisyns Girl Scout troop on Wednesdays, Elias’s cub scouts on Monday along with PTSA events and things, moving and settling, and working outside the home and holiday events my brain is a wee bit scattered.


Yesterday was Addisyn’s first runner’s club meet. Elias is in runners club too but told Mick he didn’t want to run, and once arrived changed his mind but wasn’t dressed to run. My son isn’t athletic. I think he follows my footsteps that way. I’m not into running, never have been a runner unless there is a bug near me. Then you’ll see me run. And I’ll keep running.

After I got off work, and after the kids had runner’s club we went to Longwood because Addisyn was in a parade with the Girl Scout troop. I thankfully didn’t have to walk because I had Joél and Elias so I cheered the other leaders and girls on from the sidelines. The girls looked so cute and did so well. This was the first time most of them were in the parade. They earned their parade badge too which Addisyn seems to be excited about. The girls had fun and so did Elias and Joél. I also enjoy helping lead these beautiful girls! Some of my best memories of girl scouts were all the fun stuff we got to enjoy while being a girl scout.


Well, I know you’re just as shocked as I am for another post so quickly, but more time to blog now and I really do enjoy it. I’m hoping to get a very belated cruise post up from our September – October cruise we just took some time over the next week or two.


Where you a Girl Scout? If so, what was your favorite activity or memory?

December? Already?
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