I bought a Blueberry: Swaddlebee’s Simplex All In One diaper off Ebay last week in Dino Party Print (retired had to have print!). It has side hip snaps (which I love simply because my son has a harder time trying to remove his diaper.)  Swaddlebee’s is a All In One Diaper that has openings in the front and back to add additional inserts. To test this diaper I used it with out adding any extra inserts to test leaking function on its own.

 The inner of the Swaddlebee’s is 11 layers of 100% birdseye cotton fabric (which is seamed a little rough to the touch before washing) not as soft as a bamboo inner or an all microfleece would be.

My son, who is now one, and highly favors belly sleeping which tends to cause leaks here simply because the bulk of boys urine tends to pool to the front of diapers, where as girls tends to fall near their rear, so his belly sleeping does not help our leaking issues.

 I had put the diaper on Baby E before his late afternoon nap at 4:00 PM and he woke up completely dry around 6:45 PM. I was pleasantly surprised because the diaper it self is extremely light weight and not bulky around the legs or back. Usually when he wakes up I cringe at the thought I’m going to find his bed sheets totally soaked after nap time. This was a nice change!  I decided to keep the diaper on after nap time, usually after he wakes up I change him right away, but I wanted to see how long this diaper would hold up. I changed him finally around 7:30 PM (we usually change our diapers here about every 2 hours) but the outer portion of the diaper was still completely dry, before the change.  The only thing that was wet, was the side where the snaps hook together. I am sure I could have got another hour at least out of the diaper, (if we were on a long shopping trip or road trip, but that would be pushing it!)  before any leaking would occur. I do not recommend leaving diapers on that long of period, but I wanted to push this diaper to its limits for the review purpose, and I absolutely feel its worth the $20.50 that I paid for and it including shipping.

The cons to this diaper is that their are NO rise snap settings they are sized diapers, I purchased the Dino Party print in a large size 22-38 lbs for my chunky little one year old. I would prefer snap rise even in sized diapers because it did sag a bit in between the legs, Baby E is about 25 lbs. Hes short and stalky. I feel it would have prevented the sagging near the crotch, but it was not too noticeable, if you were not looking for it. Another con is if you are into ‘bum placement’ the dino’s are mostly upside down on the bum. Over all I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the purchase of this diaper and the brand itself. I would rate it a 8/10 overall and the cute print is just the icing on
my cake!


Leaking: 8/10
Print: 9/10
Bum placement: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Inner feel: 6/10
Overall quality: 9/10

To purchase Swaddlebees, I would look on Facebook B/S/T’s since they are no longer offered on Blueberry’s website or check Ebay, I was on the hunt for this print so luckily I found it, new with tags on Ebay. Happy diaper hunting! (:

**In this review I was in no way compensated for my opinions/review. These are my personal opinions based on how I felt about this brand/diaper, I was not paid for or asked to do this review.**




Swaddlebees Cloth Diaper Review
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