I want to first apologize, I am so new to all of this web design stuff I am not sure if I am coming or going, but I’m trying! I have a lot of fun stuff planned all the way up until the first of the year, I am sure I will be able to plan more stuff by then too! We have HUGE Elf on the Shelf plans this year as its our first year we are welcoming him into our family.. I have lots of crafting stuff I have done, cleaning hacks I’ve tried and can’t wait to post about, and reviews, reviews, reviews!! Actually today I want to tell you how I EASILY cleaned my grout on my floors by using ONE simple household natural cleaner. Vinegar. Yup. Vinegar. I smelt like a big salt and vinegar chip when done, but the result was WELL worth it.

What you need?

  1. Vinegar.
  2. Towel.
  3. Toothbrush.
  4. Container to hold vinegar.






We moved in here October 1st. Since moving in we have actively been trying to clean everything in here. Top to bottom. We’ve made TONS of changes since we moved in 21 days ago. This is one of my proudest moments. My super cleaned tile floors. I started with regular distilled vinegar I usually keep a huge jug to clean random things around the house, since my husband and I share a car, sometimes I will randomly get ideas to try things or improvise if I can’t get to the store to get the things I need. This was one of those moments. I got an itch to clean my tile floors. HOLY wow did it need it!

This is my floor before the vinegar clean (please don't judge!)

This is my floor before the vinegar clean (please don’t judge!)

They were bad, but hey I’m not judging the mom who lived here before us, she was probably busy, and I am sure after years of wear and tear, you don’t even notice it. Honestly, I didn’t notice it until I sat down on the floor and really looked that the grout was actually probably NOT brown and more like an off white. So I got an old toothbrush and an old Tupperware container and sat down with a towel and went to work. I soaked the brush in the vinegar and just went back and fourth against the grout. Every few feet I dumped the vinegar and refreshed it so I wasn’t scrubbing my tile with dirty vinegar.

Here is the End result. Total time was about 2 hours, for the kitche

n give or take, I was on a major deep clean mode so I did our bathrooms too.


Oh yes, my tile is looking new, my husband was super surprised that it was just vinegar, he works on homes and couldn’t believe this could be done with out a machine or high end products from Home Depot. Nope Hubs. Just some elbow grease and vinegar. (; I did go after and mop the floor with vinegar (BELIEVE me the smell disappears after it dries.) to get the entire tile cleaned after.

Hope this helps!

Clean Tile Floors.. Galore!
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One thought on “Clean Tile Floors.. Galore!

  • November 26, 2014 at 4:19 am

    I use vinegar for so many household chores :
    . rinse aid in the dishwasher
    . a fabric softener in the washer
    . glass /window cleaner
    . toilet cleaner
    . floor cleaner
    . drain cleaner(to freshen and fix slow/clogged drains)

    Good job on the grout!

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