No we are not gypsies.. (well maybe) but this is a different move. Please be patient as I am learning the ropes of blogging. I am moving my site to WordPress and then “face-lifting my blog” we will even have a direct link.. (I’ll share when everything is set up and ready to go..) so no, I haven’t forgot about all of my wonderful friends, followers and family. I am just trying to get my blog exactly how I’d like it. (Which Weebly is not all that bad, however… a few groups I am in said WordPress is the way to blog.) I will tell you a few things I learned a long the way (and still am learning)

First of all a domain name, doesn’t mean you’re in business. You have to have a host — and a host is typically outside of WordPress. So hosting, domain name, and themes are all things you need to do once you have decided to start a blog. (Thanks WordPress and people of the world for not having updated YouTube videos that tells you this!) ┬áIts still a learning process. My host today is supposed to install the new theme, I’ll be working on this all day again today then we will share!

I have some post that I will be sharing this week, food stuffs, crafting stuffs, and family stuffs IF we can get the new site set up in time. Thanks for your patience and don’t forget our giveaway is still going on!

Another Move
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