You know I love a good giveaway as much as the next, so here to bring you yet another giveaway from blogging friend, MommyNaylor. This giveaway is one of my favorite kinds because it ties in two of my favorite things, cloth diapers and AppleCheeks!



If you know nothing about AppleCheeks they are amazing cloth diapers, and I am here to tell you why I adore them. No I am not getting anything in return for talking them up, no I wasn’t asked to review this product, and I am definitely not benefiting from telling you why AppleCheeks make me squeal! I just adore my AppleCheeks so I feel like I should share why I have an obsession with this brand.


Steel Me


Pictured above is an AppleCheeks diaper in Steel Me print, and let me begin to tell you why I love the brand so much, the opening is in the middle of the inside of the diaper, which allows you to not have to touch any part of the insert or ‘yuckies’ before washing, the insert really does agitate out in the wash. Take it off and plop the poo if you need too and then it goes right in the wetbag or diaper pail. Second reason I love my AppleCheeks is the soft surging around the diaper itself, it fits my son perfectly and doesn’t irritate around the inner parts of his legs. Third reason I would go out and sell my entire stash to purchase every AppleCheek known to man? There is elastic on the front and back of the diaper, which means, it holds all his liquids and solids in ONE place during nap time, play time and at night. AppleCheeks are super absorbent. I use just a CBI (Charcoal/Bamboo Insert) or two boost absorbency when we are sporting our AppleCheeks, and I do not have any AppleCheeks inserts (so I cannot speak on the behalf of their inserts) but, their diapers, amazing. Now I talked up Applecheeks and now you ask, well how can I get my hands on one? well, simple. MommyNaylor is giving away one from the kindness of her heart (and to celebrate the her 100 fan milestone, which is a huge deal when you are a blogger, trust me!) She is giving away a Raspberry Sorbet AppleCheeks cover in a size 2. Big huge round of applause and lets help her celebrate with the cutest AppleCheeks giveaway she is offering for her fans, (and ours!) So without further adieu, please head over to MommaNaylor and enter in her Appleccheeks Envelope Cover Giveaway. You have 17 days to enter, but please don’t wait to long. November 30th is the cut off day to enter, this would be a pretty rad Christmas gift for you and your little one! Good luck!


Another Giveaway? YUP!
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One thought on “Another Giveaway? YUP!

  • March 22, 2015 at 4:05 am

    Diaper sprayer? They sell sotnihmeg like that for your toilets over there? Here in Finland practically all modern toilets have hand held bidet showers which is lovely in general but also very handy if you use cloth diapers on your kids I don’t actually use a wet bag but a plastic container (with a lid) for used diapers. I simply rinse the diapers first and then put them in the container where they’ll wait to be washed. I found your blog a couple of days ago and I’m SO HOOKED now. What a wonderful, hilarious blog. You have so much talent Thank you for all the laughs!

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