I know this has been a HUGE on and off-topic for us, I know that we’ve said we were doing this time and time before. However Mick, I felt, has NEVER truly been behind my vision of tiny house living. He’s held his reservations 100% until we finally sat down and discussed our finances fully. I recently lost my Etsy shop. It was a major financial blow. Mick had left for a few months to help his mom, the kids got sick, like really sick. I got behind on orders, and since he wasn’t really helping with bills too much I got a second job. Between all these changes I ended up falling more behind. After he came back, we both saw actually that my shop had been keeping us afloat. I was worn down from running my shop though– both mentally and physically. It was a MAJOR project that took a LOT of time, that felt like sometimes a very little return.  BUT– having a daily income really came in handy, we always had cash. Now I’m doing a lot of physical labor, where I’m not the boss– but the pay is peanuts comparatively to Etsy. Now that a good month or so has passed since I worked on “orders” and “pressed” shirts, I actually MISS it. I MISS running my shop. The annoying emails, the people who have silly questions.. I miss it all.


Eventually, I will start doing shirts again, with adults likely being my main focus, but possibly through my own standalone site,  But that is for another time. Right now our main focus is 100% finding a tiny house fit for our family. We are moving back to my moms for a few months while we figure everything out. I hate moving. I swore we wouldn’t again for a long time, yet here we are between two homes and packing to move. I just keep saying it’s for the future of our family and truly is for the best. I DO plan on documenting depending on what we choose to get (a 5th wheel/RV is more spacious than a tiny house right now).


There are some major benefits to our lives slowing down, yet speeding up in other ways. I really have missed blogging. I miss documenting the kids. Our last cruise, I haven’t even had a second to watch the footage or begin to edit the video due to having zero time with Etsy. I can now leave my current job (mostly) at work and go home. If someone is angry, I can notify someone else. I don’t have to deal with all the complaints, I don’t have to take the blame. I can leave it at the door and go home. I’m exhausted and my body hurts yes, but the time I’ve added to my week I’m now able to accomplish other things which are far more rewarding. You might even see a post of our recent cruise soon. (:


With all this said, I can now get into my recipe. I love Fall.. I love Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas– you name it once October is in the air, I need to breathe it all in and slow down time, just a little bit.. With fall weather, people seem nicer. It’s a time to reflect on what everyone is thankful for, it’s a time to do a little self-inventory because after all we are always working in progress. I always make new years resolutions. If I get at least one checked off the year, I’m happy. A goal accomplished always makes the soul feel good. This is also the time of year I start working on an idea for a Thanksgiving spread. I love cooking, I love entertaining. I made sure when we were packing the house I kept all of my entertaining bowls, and servers as they are some of the favorite things I own and I own a lot of them!


A few years ago, my mom made sweet potatoes and added Kahlua. It literately changed MY LIFE. I usually just add to taste here.


2 Large Cans of Yams (I used Bruce’s)

1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows




brown sugar


I cook the yams in a pot on the stove adding in brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg to taste. I go to the liquor store and get two small shot bottles of Kahlua adding both in while on the stove. I mash the yams to the desired consistency. I like ours smooth, if you like chunky you can leave chunks before baking if you like. I then add to a casserole dish and add marshmallows on top and broil the marshmallows to give them a toast to the top.



Hope you enjoyed and what is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?


A BIG Family Update Followed by an AMAZING Reciepe.
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