So this post comes to you a day later than I promised, things have been crazy as we pack to head to my inlaws for Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that this year, I got out of cooking.


When you move, people think you need more things, to collect dust and clean. My grandfather is one of those people who thinks I need more things to dust and gifted me an entire bedroom set of some pretty rough retro furniture; two night stands, a tall dresser, and a long dresser.


They were in really bad shape. They sat outside of my moms for months before I was able to pick them up. I had never seen so many spiders attached to wood. It took us over two hours to clean them off before packing them in our truck. The handles were half broken, some of the drawers had seen better days, bad. We got them home, where they sat in our garage for another two weeks before I had finally decided what I wanted to do with them. We had decided earlier in the week we were going to paint our main wall in our living room teal, we wanted to incorporate more blues.  Since our house has no direct sunlight until 5 pm I figured the teal would hopefully bring in some light from our skylight, so, we went about finding colors for the furniture and deciding what room would get which piece. Miss A and Baby E would get the long dresser, since their clothes were currently being stored in the dresser in our room. The tall dresser, would become a hutch for the dining room, and the night stands would replace ours.

My son deleted most of my pictures from my during this DIY I had to send out for a new phone. I was pretty bummed, it had a nice swim in our toilet. {sigh} so sorry, the only prior picture I have, is one I took on my husbands phone so it will give you an idea of how lovely this retro furniture was.

This is some pretty suave retro furniture!


Things we used for this project:

  1. Rags, about 5
  2. Zep Fast 505 (or any degreaser)
  3. Paint (we used an enamel based paint)
  4. Paint brushes
  5. Spray paint for hardware
  6. Valspar antiquing glaze.
  7. Gloves
  8. Sanding block or sander
  9. Face mask.

It took me about two hours to clean, my husband and I worked on removing all the drawers and cleaning them, with a lot of elbow grease we were able to get them all clean, we used Zep Fast 505, but any degreaser will work. (Use gloves & face mask)

Next we sanded the rough spots. Practically the entire set needed to be sanded, sanding helps the paint stick to the furniture. (Use sanding block or sander and facemask.)

After my husband returned with the paint we chose, we got to work. I started the tall dresser that I was converting to a hutch for more storage in my dining room. I painted all the drawers first, making sure I got the bottom lip, top lip and side lips surrounding the face of the drawer. (Use gloves.)

Then I started working on the hutch making sure I got everything underneath so at any angle it was painted, front, and both sides. I also made sure I took the paint inside where the drawers would go by at least an inch.

I waited 24 hours for it to completely dry. After it was dry I started the antiquing process. I used a rag and dipped the rag in the glaze and rubbed it all over the face of the drawers, and then worked on the sides of the hutch. I rubbed the antiquing glaze all over the sides and wiped what I didn’t like off with a rag sprayed with the Zep. (Use gloves.)

Lastly I worked on cleaning the old hardware by soaking it over night in vinegar and baking soda, my husband used a metal brush to clean one of the handles until they were gold again, however, I liked it, he did not, so we went with spray paint. I used an old pizza box, put my gloves on again and used my handy dandy face mask, and sprayed them, this took the longest out of everything, after 24 hours of letting the hardware dry I had to then flip it to paint the backsides, then the daunting task of putting all the hardware back on. (Use gloves & face mask)

I am so happy with my finished result below.


 My Fabulous New Dinning Room Hutch!

Prior to hardware.
Prior to hardware.
This bad boy is all finished and ready for our linens and extra kitchen storage!


I’d love to see how you redid your outdated furniture, or tell me what colors you used. This project took me a few days to complete but it was well worth the time and elbow grease I put into this. (It’s also pretty cool that we are keeping stuff from the landfill too) what are some pieces you are thinking of redoing?


70’s Dresser Makeover
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3 thoughts on “70’s Dresser Makeover

  • December 12, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Love this post! Its very much like many real life mommas out here… life getting in the way and phones getting flushed, etc. I’m curious as to what you thought of the Valspar glaze. I have tons of yard sale furniture that I picked up this summer for ridiculously cheap that I wanted to repurpose for a nice hip office in the basement when we redo it. I haven’t actually gotten around to doing any of it though because of a 3 year old and adding a baby brother for him to the mix during the summer. I’m thinking of doing the glaze but just curious if its sticky, watery, streaky, etc…

  • February 10, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    I have been wanting to do this for the longest!! But! I am so scared to mess up and end up wasting time, products & furniture! Anyways you have given me some courage! I want to reupholster a chair for my office. I will link you to it when i do.
    Thank you!

  • March 6, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    It’s very thick and sticky, I used a rag and gloves I really like the quality I hope this summer I can try out some others on the market. I’m still happy with how this product has held up so far!

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