It’s no surprise, I’m in love with summer months. Both my oldest and youngest have summer birthday’s so it tends to be a busy time for our family. To add to the crazy mess of summer we sum up dance classes for our middle and homeschooling for Might M, we are busy making some life changing decisions. We have decided as a family to move to an RV and travel around Florida (for now) for the next year. This will hopefully allow us to connect, even more than being squished into a 900 sq ft house. Give us time to do more family activities and enjoy my husband working less and more outdoor activities with the little’s. We have toyed with the idea of remodeling an RV and documenting what life on the road is really like. I’m not 100% sure on that part yet! I guess since we’ve always been  “go with the flow” types we will likely just go with the flow! (I might even give my husband access to the blog!) since he will be helping with the remodel. (Oh brother, what am I getting myself into?!)


With all that said, I’ve been working from home here and there, my business is taking off and things have been busy. Husband has been in major work mode (this is his busy season) and I’ve been busy with the kids, finishing up school for the year and getting ready for our next homeschooling year. My next project is deciding what goes into storage and what is coming with us in the RV. (PURGE time!) I’ve also been doing a little side blogging gig about my fitness. (if you follow me on Instagram I’ve probably bored you with my early morning beach shots, SORRY!) For good measure I took this one from my Instagram. This is an early morning sunrise and a moon set! (couldn’t resist!)


Here are some awesome activities I’ve rounded up, I plan on making the shirts so we can do the 4th by the river like we did last year. These shirts are too darn cute! I’m looking forward to making a few extra things on this list. Of course I’ll add my own touches and let you know if its a pass or fail project! I’m also working on another roundup of the best grilling/summer recipes for this 4th of July, so keep an eye out! (:


This is some of the first 4th projects we are doing this year:

4th of July Eraser Stamped Shirt from Cutesy Crafts.



This is super adorbs and I cannot wait to give it a try.


I’m going to attempt to make these guys. I’m not sure how much time I will have after Little E’s birthday to squeeze out much crafting but, I promise I’ll try before our big move.


No 4th of July is complete without pretzels! Check out The 36 Avenue‘s amazing 4th themed pretzels!



No 4th of July isn’t complete without a few printables too! (;



Find this printable here: On Sutton Place 


Find more awesome 4th of July printables for an amazing summer gathering here: Hostess With the Mostess.

This has got to be the cutest wreath I’ve seen for the 4th yet! To make this incredible wreath visit Nap Time Crafts and she will show you how!


I hope this post gives you a little 4th inspiration, tell me what you plan on doing for America’s Birthday in the comments, I can’t wait to share all our summer crafts with you soon!


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4th Of July Summer Activities
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2 thoughts on “4th Of July Summer Activities

  • June 17, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    That view is to die for!!! I can’t wait to see how the kids crafts turn out and what your hubby does in the RV

  • June 19, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Thanks! Me too, I’m so nervous! I hope we can make it look great!

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